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For a better WordPress Client Experience.

Partner With Us

You can White-label our care plans

You can Bundle our care plans with your project

  1. ✔ Show your care about your clients and their websites.
  2. ✔ Set your clients up for a good site ownership experience with a secure, well-maintained and fast site.
  3. ✔ Save your time dealing with WordPress care – Focus on your business!
  4. ✔ We can refer requests for more design/development to you by default, as you prefer.
  5. ✔ Security audit identifies potential security issues before they become problems – again, less work for you.

You will get 15% of all care plans, forever! & you can sell them at a bigger profit.

You will get access to your own dashboard (eg. for full transparency of all our work & your clients tickets.

We use one of your email addresses (eg. with your signature & logo in every email we send for you.

We send monthly white-labeled reports to you or directly to your clients. All reports contain updates to tasks done on their websites.


Show your clients you’re invested in the ongoing well-being and security of their new WordPress website.

Offer a discount code for a free prepaid half-yearly or yearly WordPress Advance or Optimum care plans.

You will get a 15% discount off the price.


You have full control over the price & how much you may earn. You can decide how much you want to charge your clients. Get a discount of 15% recurring on care plans and sell the plans for whatever price you like. Check our regular pricing here.

No, we don’t. Once we approved your application, we will set up your white label website for free. Every time one of your clients joins and pays, you will sign up for him at Custodiann and pay for his care plan.

We prepare monthly reports & send them directly to your clients. For the white-label program, if your prefer to send them to your clients by yourself, we can send them directly to you instead.

Just fill out the form below and we will contact you to learn more about your agency and give you more details about our care plans & services.


As a WordPress agency ourselves, we feel your pain. We know exactly what it’s like dealing with clients with problems on their sites because they never updated WordPress core, theme, or plugins.

We can understand a frustration of dealing with a client whose website was hacked and he didn’t notice for a few months because he never maintain his website. Let us help you and your clients avoid these problems in the first place.

Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch directly to answer your questions.

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