Earn up to $120 for every WordPress user you refer.


Custodiann WordPress care & maintenance plans supports WordPress users from $24 per site per month.


Earn 15% lifetime commissions

We offer a recurring revenue source so as long as someone stays a customer you get paid 15% referral commision.

Cookies with 90-day tracking code

Our affiliate system provides 90-day tracking cookies to ensure you get credited for a sale, even when referrals don't convert right away.

Make more by referring agencies

Multiply your affiliate commission by referring agencies, freelancers or owners of multiple WordPress websites.

Automatic payouts

You receive your commissions via PayPal 30 days following successful referral subscription. We don’t bother you with the accounting hassle of small payments, so the payout done once you collect $100 or or more.

Why promote Us

We don’t offer a free trial like a lot of software companies out there. When someone signs up to Custodiann, you get paid, that simple! No worries about the often 95% or so of signups who don’t eventually become customers after free trials.

No limitations!

Anyone can join Custodiann affiliate program. If you are one of our clients, a blogger, a freelancer, a WordPress company or doing any type of online marketing you can join our program.


Before you start, you should know your audience. If most of your site visitors are website owners/operators, then pointing them to our care plans, directly. However, if you know that your audience consists of agencies and freelancers, you might want to point them to our partnership program.

  1. ✔ Once you join our affiliate program, you will get access to your referral links. You will also access our promotional banners to use them on your site & social media.
  2. ✔ You can notify your email list about our service and use an affiliate link and our banners.
  3. ✔ Once you joined our affiliate program, you can contact us to create a personalized 10% discount code (for example: MYSITE10 for mysite.com) for your audience so that you can intense them to subscribe to our care plans.
  4. ✔ You can simply write a review article about Custodiann and embed your tracking link.
  5. ✔ You can also test out our WordPress care service and write a review on your website.

We are particularly keen on promoting the service in a way that helps other people so anything you can think of that achieves that, we will support.

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